Famed Furniture

One day I will have a beautiful designer piece of furniture in my home.
but until then I can get the same look for a fraction of the cost.
Regency Shop offers modern furniture reproductions done in excellent quality. I acutally have a friend in Utah who has a few reproductions in her home and they look amazing. Just like the real thing but cheaper!!! Here are some of my favorites:

EZ Lounge Chair

Ibiza Chair – Pure Leather, Stainless Steel
Wire Chair

LC2 Comfort Sofa Chair
Check them out here.

One Response to Famed Furniture

  1. pete Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    regencyshop.com is a TERRIBLE online merchant. Their Eames chair replica is upholstered with 100% fake leather. I tried to return the chair and the owner, Mike, was extremely obstinate and condescending. Eventually, I had the "leather" from the chair analyzed by the Leather Research Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati and they conclusively demonstrated with rigorous scientific and microscopic analysis that not only is the material 100% synthetic, but a LOW quality synthetic. When I tried giving regency shop a chance to resolve this peacefully by telling them that I only wanted a return/refund and would no longer pursue any other action, the owner, Mike, became even more of a condescending jerk. So, I reported them to the BBB, requested a reverse of charges with my credit card company, and eventually regencyshop.com had to refund all of my $. The owner still tried claiming that his chair was upholstered in leather, so the claims went through arbitration, and he was resoundly defeated.

    I'm posting this to warn any potential consumers of regencyshop that THIS MERCHANT IS FULL OF CRAP AND FRAUDULENTLY ADVERTISES CHEAPLY MADE FURNITURE FROM CHINA. In addition, he also posts fake "consumer reviews" himself at various online consumer reporting sites, all with the same theme of "I bought a wonderful chair from regencyshop and am so pleased with my purchase that i'm thinking of buying another one or two for my family/friends." THIS IS ALL A SCAM.


    for genuine reviews of this company from real people, please check out yelp.com.


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