Design Tip: Brass Hardware

Brass hardware is one of our favorite things! It can be just the thing to update a space to give it a whole new look. We get a lot of questions about how to use brass without going too overboard.

The most important thing we can suggest is to make sure your brasses match. Brass comes in a few different finish styles; antique, bright, matte. Make sure when you are choosing hardware to use the same finish style throughout the room.

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Another thing to note everywhere has a different look of brass, so it is important to see it in real life. We recommend buying your hardware either in the store or just buy one piece online.

Photography: Becky Kimball

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Here we have an example of an antique brass finish. Antique finishes are typically more dull, almost a brownish coloring.

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Bright brass can also be called polished brass or lacquered brass. Usually, this is shiny and more of a yellow tint. Bright brass differs a lot in different stores, so make sure you have seen it in real life.

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Matte brass is very similar to bright brass without the shiny finish. This bathroom is a great example of the matte finish that matches throughout the entire space.

We have gathered together some of our favorite brass hardware in all different shapes and finishes.

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