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It’s January, arguably the gloomiest month of the year, the holidays are over, and naturally, we’re dreaming of Spring, when the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to open windows in the afternoon and let the fresh air in. This space here, a chef’s desk in a kitchen, is so refreshing to look at. Those beautiful windows are letting in so much light, we’re sure it’s the perfect place to enjoy the view of a beautiful spring day with everything in bloom. Designed by Park and Oak.

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2020 Design Trends

It might be said that “trends” are steering a little more timeless in many regards. We are seeing a lot of design elements that feel like they’ve been around for hundreds of years such as natural stone flooring, marble slabs, tongue and groove cabinetry and channel tufting. When we pull inspiration for clients we are often looking at early American farmhouses or European cottages. It seems that the sayings “what’s old is new” has never been more relevant. Either way we are happy to say that these “trends” feel like they are around to stay for awhile.

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Winter Front Porch Pot Styling

Decking the halls doesn’t have to be limited to the interior of your home only. Take the festive spirit outside as well! We love to spruce up our front porch pots every winter and today we wanted to show you how it’s done.

The first step is to gather your supplies. You can really use a variety of items. For Erin’s pots we used:

Step 2. Stick your nordic pine in as the anchoring centerpiece for the arrangement.

Step 3. Loosen up you dirt and then add your birch branches to the center of the pot. You can put them close together or move them further apart but either way try to have them at varying heights.

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Last Week’s Links / 12.9.19

Moving closer to Christmas we are knee-deep in all of our favorite Christmas activities. We’ve spent the last few weeks decorating our homes, making gingerbread houses, going to school programs etc. This coming week we’ll be sharing how we decorate our front porch pots for the winter season. Today we’re focusing on what we pinned and loved last week. There is so much goodness to love!

1. A soapstone hood?! We are speechless. This is just too good.

2. This star calendar is the sweetest way to participate in the Light the World program.

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Holiday Kitchen Decorating Tips

When it comes to decorating for the Holidays we like to consider all of our favorite spaces in our homes including our kitchens! We love adding small touches to specific areas such as our sink wall, window and stove.

Tip 1. The Kitchen Window: For a kitchen window we recommend adding a garland. It does so much to dress up a kitchen and draws the eye upward. In our Midway kitchen we added our paper snowflakes and velvet teal ribbon to accentuate the simple cedar garland.

Tip 2. Accentuate the Items You Already Have: Take the things you already use in your kitchen like your cutting boards and cookbooks and just add decorative elements like trees, Santas or cute Christmas houses.

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Holiday Gift Guide – the Chef

One of the most important things to consider when gift giving is what the person would enjoy, but may not necessarily buy for themselves. The best gift is something that is beautiful, but also practical. Today we’ve rounded up gifts for the chef in your life that we think fits that criteria.

Shopping for a chef who loves to grill? This electric lighter is “the fastest, easiest, safest and cleanest way to light barbecues or fireplaces.” So they can not only grill you a delicious steak, but also light a nice fire to keep you cozy and warm. We like the sound of that.

Salt is the most important spice to have in your kitchen. Give the gift of these gourmet finishing salts for the chef in your life to enjoy experimenting with.

This glazed serving tray is so beautiful and comes at a great price point. Pair it with a beautiful towel and some gorgeous wooden spoons for a simple, yet elegant gift.

Does the chef you know love to grow their own herbs? This hydropod is the coolest thing we’ve seen in a long time. No dirt needed, it makes growing herbs super easy. It comes with basil seeds, but they can grow any herbs they want.

This is the prettiest tea kettle in the history of tea and kettles and kitchens.

If the chef you know loves to use cast iron, then they most likely need this cast iron conditioner. It’ll help clean and protect their pans with ease.

We love simple, classic styles around here, and this walnut cutting board is exactly that. It will look beautiful displayed on the counter top or on the dinner table. We even think it will make chopping vegetables more enjoyable.

We recommend pairing any wooden cutting board with this complete cutting board care kit. It will help keep the wood looking and working great for a long time.

You can give the gift of cheese! Cheese boards to be exact. With 27 options to choose from, you can find a gift for every food lover you know, and maybe be able to sample some yourself. We think this French cheese plate sampler sounds especially delicious.

Homemade popcorn is such a treat and this cute little stovetop popcorn popper is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Pair it with their favorite movie on DVD and you’re sure to have a winning gift.

No kitchen is complete without a Kitchenaid mixer. With over 35 color options, this one is customizable to your recipient’s tastes, needs, and wants.

A beautiful linen apron. So luxurious. So durable. Plus this one has a cross back, so no strings to tie either. Win win.

Easily the most beautiful salt and pepper tower ever. These copper cuties will add a touch of glam to any kitchen space, and we really do think it will fit in with any style.

shop more of our favorites below

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DIY Holiday Terrarium

One of our favorite things to decorate with during the holidays are cloches and terrariums. We love creating our own little worlds under glass. These magical little terrariums work great with really any of your favorite holiday decorations. We love filling ours with Santa figurines, houses, trees etc.

To begin you’ll just need to gather your supplies. You’ll need some type of vessel, some type of decoration, faux snow and lights if you choose.

Sprinkle your snow in your cloche base or your hurricane. If you are using lights put those in first and then pour the snow on top to help the lights stay down.

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Holiday Gift Guide – for Preteens

We’ve got another gift guide for you today! And this time, we’re focusing on preteens. It can be a tough age to shop for. They’re not little kids anymore, but they’re also not as grown up as they may think or feel (right, moms?). So we’ve rounded up what we think (and know from experience) will make your preteen smile this holiday season!

This sweater is even cuter in person and so thick and soft, not at all itchy.

Such a cute backpack with a sweet bow detail.

This kit for learning to crochet looks like so much fun, especially with those colors.

A pretty apron for a girl who loves to bake and/or cook. makes such fun and colorful accessories, like this adorable pencil case.

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but we think these designs by Rifle Paper Co. make these classics even more fun.

A cute little compact mirror for when she’s on the go.

Stylish earmuffs to keep her warm without messing up her hairstyle.

Leopard print purse. Need we say more?

This top is adorable and the sparkly detail on it makes it perfect for holiday parties, even if it is pink.

A beautiful hardcover journal for her to keep her favorite memories.

This nail design kit looks like so much fun! Perfect for sleepovers and at-home manicures.

We love these sweet, simple bar clips. Perfect for styling her hair on her own.

shop our favorites below

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Holiday Gift Guide – for the Kids

We’re so excited to share our first gift guide for the holiday season. Can you even believe that we’re already here? The year has flown by and now it’s time to prep and shop for the upcoming festivities. We’ve rounded-up some amazing gift ideas that are so cute and sweet and we’re sure you and your kids will love.

A doctor kit for them to practice their future passion.

Pick a Pine Tree is such a sweet book about visiting the tree lot, picking a tree and coming together with friends to decorate it for the season.

How cute is this layered animal puzzle? You can use it to practice animal sounds as you go.

This sudoku cube puzzle is a fun way to challenge young minds.

Maileg’s little sister mouse is so sweet and fun. There’s a whole family of them, including her brother, this super hero mouse.

How pretty is this play kitchen? Plus check out all of these great play kitchen accessories too.

This sticker activity book teaches kids about dinosaurs with a fun interactive activity that’s virtually mess free.

Yum Yummy Yuck is an adorable new book by Cree Lane and Amanda Jane Jones that teaches kids the difference between what’s good to eat and what is plain yucky.

This watercolor paint set has enough paint to last through many projects. And for any craft lover, make sure to check out the whole Hand Made Modern line at Target; it’s so good.

We love this wooden fold and go Barn and are sure your kiddo will too.

This wooden activity table is graphic and stimulating for babies while being neutral so it won’t clash with your decor.

We love this adorable stuffed fox with his cute sweater and boots.

This wooden horse swing is so cute and fun!

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DIY Dried Orange Slice Garland

Nothing feels more like an heirloom Christmas decoration than dried orange slices. We fell in love with this nostalgic garland idea last year and decided to try our hand at creating our own this year. We are excited to share our process with you!


Step One: Set your oven to 250.

Step Two: Cut the oranges: You’ll want to hand slice your oranges about 1/4″ of an inch. It’s important to cu them as consistently as you can so they will cook evenly in the oven.

Step Three: Squeeze out the juice: We use a paper towel to squeeze the oranges of as much juice as we can. Don’t squeeze too hard. You don’t want to break through the flesh of the fruit.

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